Sunday, 5 May 2013


Paintings by Starz McCullogh and Maymay Matova (in back) are just a tiny portion of the work on display at the Raglan Shire ArtWalk
Putting the final touches on my exhibit!
Aye, that’s colour in my images. Pretty rare, but well, that’s Raglan Shire.  Way to much colour and cheer to reduce to black and white easily.For the month of May, it’s going to be even more colourful as Raglan welcomes the grid for the seventh annual ArtWalk. From May 5 to the 26th, hedges throughout four sims of the Shire (set up especially for the event) will display 2D and 3D works of artists, big and small, beginners and top names, from around the grid.
According to ArtWalk director Teal Freenote, 130 artists preregistered to take part in the event. But the actual number of participants may not be known for a while yet. Zayn Till, magistrate of the shire, notes there were 117 artists pre-registered last year, but there 154 participants at the final count.
So give yourself some time. This isn't an exhibition you can cruise through in a few minutes, there is way too much to see.
ArtWalk has a long history. Zayn started it in 2007, not long after he founded the shire, in imitation of the RL ArtWalk in Seattle.
Kayak Kuu dances at the opening of ArtWalk 2013,
 with Seth Stratten resting in the background in front
of works by Derry McMahon.
It’s also got a history for me. ArtWalk 2011, about a year after I first rezzed in, was my introduction to the bright, lively, incredibly silly and talented tiny community and I have never looked back.
 It was also the first time I exhibited my images in SL. That makes this the third year for me, a long way from being too shy to show my images to any but closest friends.
In fact, besides Raglan, I have two other exhibitions running right now.
Runningbears Gallery has an exhibition of my SL landscapes and the Rose Theatre & Art Gallery has Journey, a series of my “Lonely Man” images in Gallery 5. Use the teleport next to the landing point if you don’t feel like wandering. But like Raglan, there is a lot to see, so take your time. Quan Lavender recently did a write up of the extent of the galleries.
For Raglan, you might want to start at the Acorn Stage; that’s where my work is hanging.

Raglan Shire:
Runningbears Gallery:
 Rose Theatre & Gallery:

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