Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My Seven SL Facts Meme

I liked +Strawberry Singh and +Laurence Simon's (Crap Mariner) Seven SL Facts so well that I decided to jump aboard the meme.

So I moored the Windshadow at Tromp and relaxed while I gave it some thought.

1) Bear is my RL nickname - at least it’s the only one I admit to. When I signed up for SL, I was surprised that I actually had to choose a name for my avatar. I would have used my RL name, except all the last names for Steve were used up.

2) I am perfectly capable of seeing colour, I just don’t want to. 

3) In SL, I have so many sailboats that I have been accused of trying to keep Jacqueline Trudeau in business single-handed. The only time I have ever sailed a boat in RL was when I was a boy scout.

4) I get nervous whenever my inventory exceeds 6,000 items. That’s not a typo: 6,000, not 60,000. 

5) Speaking of typos, I can’t type two words in local chat without making three typos. And yes, I write for a living in RL. I consider myself job security for proofreaders. 

6) My favourite colour is black. And it is so a colour.

7) I do not say “aboot.” The last letter of the alphabet is pronounced zed.


  1. I am so not going to tell you my inventory number now. :P
    LOL thank you for participating. It was great to read more about you. <3

    1. Thanks for kicking it off! I am not much into memes either, but you are right, it is interesting to read about everyone.

  2. Haha Bear is a nickname for me too. My friends in university started calling me Billie Bear (Billie is my real name) because I always lived in basement apartments that were like cozy little bear caves. Noone has called me that in years but I always liked and I have a special affinity for bears.

    I don't say "aboot" either, but I have been known let an occasional "eh" escape me.