Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Bloggers' Exhibit at The Station

Riding a glider at The Station

I am going to be in some special company today. A month ago, Kara Trapdoor asked me to be part of Steampunk Exhibition, otherwise known as The Bloggers' Exhibit, which she was planning for the Skywalk Gallery at The Station.

Kara’s idea was straightforward, and guaranteed to create an interesting exhibition. Gather ten bloggers and ask each to contribute two steampunk theme images, in keeping with the overall nature of the sim.

The Station
I have to admit, considering the low output of my blogging, I feel like a bit of a piker in the crowd she has chosen, putting me alongside bloggers and artists like Ziki Questi, Honour McMillan, Bryn Oh, Bouncer Criss, Burly Tigerpaw, DanteAmore Rossini, Kathy Nikolaidis, Sparkie Cyberstar, and Wicca Merlin.

“Several of the selected bloggers are truly artists in their own right and perhaps blogging is secondary for them,” said Kara in the release describing the show. I guess that’s me. :)

As you might expect from 10 bloggers, the images cover a wide range of styles. For myself, I put together a new avatar, based on The Watchmaker's Brother from The Secret Shelf and some clothing help from Blakopal and Feyline Fashions and set out exploring. 

The exhibit has a grand opening at 1 p.m. May 4 at with DJ Kate supplying the music… steampunk attire is suggested, but stovepipe hats will be provided free.
The exhibit isn’t visible from the landing point, but is easily found by following the yellow arrows on the floor through the Shadows in Black and White exhibition, which is running concurrently, as is Technochory by Bryn Oh and Sina Souza.

That’s a lot of art to take in,but when you are done, spare some time for the artistry of The Station itself. I’ve been lucky enough to count the builder, Enigmatic Deir, among my friends almost since I arrived in Second Life. His building skills amazed me then and still do.

The Station shows off both Enigmatic's eye for detail and sense of humour. It’s a highly detailed steampunk styled sim with many sights to see on multiple levels from the landing point in the sky to underwater and many things to play on and with:two clubs, a full carnival with bumper cars, roller coaster, ferris wheel, carousel, multiple game rooms, many couples private areas, underwater show area, freebies around the sim, trains, trolleys, human slingshot, human cannon, airships and gliders to ride and travel in, an impressive fun house and many more attractions.

The Station

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